Health, Beauty and Fashion! Love, Lexie

Health, Beauty and Fashion! Love, Lexie

Hey there!! It's Lexie!

Today I want to share a little bit of my goal to combine the fashion side of our boutique with the overall wellness aspect I have found so much of my own confidence from! Fashion, beauty, and health have all been things I love sharing with other women and this boutique gives me a platform do to do so!! I love all things girly and combining these passions in a way that all flow together has been a huge goal from the start of AlexaMarie. Boutique. I truly feel that our confidence shines from the inside out in the most beautiful way! Whether you are looking for an outfit that makes you feel as confident as you are beautiful, or looking to detox your body to live a healthier lifestyle, I want to be your girl to cheer you on all along the way!! I will only share brands and products I know, trust and love!!

With Love,


March 25, 2023 — Alexa Schaefer
Fashion and Fitness!!

Fashion and Fitness!!

Happy 2023 to our AlexaMarie. family!!! 

Along with my passion for fashion, I have found a love for fitness and nutrition! After using the products for over 2 years, I became an Herbalife Independent Distributor and health coach! Sharing my love for clothing and now adding a place where I can share more products and even a  potential business opportunity has combined both my favorite hobbies turned businesses! 

I offer healthy energizing teas, protein and meal replacement shakes, pre and post work out, supplements for any nutritional need or goal of yours and much more! 

Attached is my Herbalife Storefront, but please if you have any requests, questions, or are interested in more information send us an email! 

I hope 2023 is a year filled with blessings, love, and reaching for those big dreams! 

with love, AlexaMarie. Boutique


January 16, 2023 — Alexa Schaefer