About alexamarie. Boutique

A Letter from Lexie: 

Hey there, Lovely! Lexie here! First, I am so happy you have found AlexaMarie. Boutique and decided to check us out! We are proudly a family owned and operated small business! This boutique is an absolute dream and I love that I can share this little piece of my heart with each of our amazing customers! My husband and I launched AlexaMarie. Boutique in 2021! With prior boutique and fashion expirence, I quickly fell in love with the idea of leading my own store one day! Since the launch of this boutique, I have had one main mission to make each woman I style feel “without any doubt, immeasurably loved and undeniably elegant!” 

Fast forward 2 years and here we are! Together, we have a beautiful baby boy. We have loved getting to spend time together, building this store. We have turned the 12 dresses we opened this boutique with into a catalog of over 300 pieces of clothing, including jewlery, and even a dabble of childrens clothing! From the bottom of my heart, I am so thankful for everyone who has supported this little dream of mine.

Thank you so SO for allowing me to share a little piece of my heart into your wardrobe and for supporting AlexaMarie. Boutique! 

-Lots of Love, Lexie